Fudge me, baby

cakeGood afternoon to all of my 3 followers!

I think my work colleagues will be please to know that this weekend, I will be tackling the decadent mistress that is the Chocolate Fudge Cake. Sexual. Due to cake being less squishy than a lemon meringue pie, I imagine it will be easy to bring into work. I just hope that everyone knows they will have to eat at least two slices each, and report their findings back to me.

The Professional Recipe is from Nigella, off of her own website. This recipe calls for soured cream and ‘corn oil’…whatever the fuck that is. That sounds like the kind of thing I’ll need to venture into Waitrose for, unfortunately.

The other recipe comes from another Youtube channel: Titlis Busy Kitchen. This, like with last weeks Youtube recipe, was just the first video that came up when I searched the term ‘chocolate fudge cake’. I wish it wasn’t, because this video is easily the most annoying video I have ever watched- and I’ve seen Friday, by Rebecca Black. The woman who presents it is also absolutely horrifying; I imagine she’ll be visiting me in my nightmares.

And, if I have anything left in my bank account, this is the cake I shall buy for the ready-made comparison. I have purchased this a few times before, and it is pretty delicious so we’ll see how Nigella…and ‘Titli’…hold up against it.


So, who’s better? Nigella, or Titli? What sort of a fucking name is Titli??
Well, there’s only one way to find out….


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