Welcome to my Humble and Wholesome Blog!


The idea is simple: Every week (probably on the weekend when I can be arsed) I am going to attempt to bake one dessert from two different recipes- ranging from easy recipes found on youtube tutorials, to more complex dishes created by professional chefs.


Well, why the f*ck not? In addition to baking these treats, I am going to have a neutral third party taste test them; and if I can find that dessert in the aisles of Sainsbury’s, that will be compared as well. The taste tester will declare which dessert he/she thinks is baked according to the recipes, and which one is shop bought.

Not only will this give me something to do with my life other than the 9-5 grind of work, but will enlighten all 4 of my followers as to what is worth trying, what is worth buying, and which Jamie Oliver recipes to throw into the bin.

So, join me on this year long journey, where seasonal, traditional, cultural, and downright crazy desserts are certainly welcome! (However, the extra weight I am going to put on from eating all this food is not.) There will be blood, sweat, and enough swearing to make Gordon Ramsay proud…Mary Berry, however, may not approve…

Happy baking!